Nick O’Connor started his musical journey at the age of 13, when he picked up his father’s acoustic guitar. By the time he turned 14, he had already written his first song. He continued to grow musically throughout high school and formed two popular bands that exclusively performed Nick O’Connor originals.

Over time, he began to evolve from the guitar-driven blues style music like Muddy Waters to songwriters like Bob Dylan and Neil Young. As he started listening more intensely to lyrics, it was the storytelling of true singer/songwriters that drew him in. He studied his favorite songwriters, going so far as to researching who, in fact, had inspired them. This path led him to discover writers like Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Jim Carroll. It is this cornucopia of influences that has made Nick O’Connor the meaningful and thoughtful storyteller we know today.

Though he is still only in his 20s, Nick has already established himself as a great singer/songwriter with powerful lyrics and memorable melodies. Nick’s current release, Fly Away, is a collection of 10 songs, that work together so well, it is difficult to walk away after one listen. Inside Longmont The Magazine painted a clear picture of what you can expect from Nick O’Connor, “you’ll find a maturity in the lyrics, a longing and intimacy in the music, and redemption in the message.”

Today, Nick O’Connor can be found playing to enthusiastic crowds throughout Boulder County and beyond. His unique ability to captivate listeners and make them feel as if they have heard his songs for years is a quality that endears him to music fans at every show.

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